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Brian Keith Dalton is the creator of the Mr. Deity webseries and is its writer and director. He also portrays the main character, Mr. Deity.

Personal lifeEdit

Brian Dalton is a former Mormon, or "Formon". He says that some contributing parts of his deconversion are the tenet of Mormonism that God punishes people by darkening their skin and the fact that evidence contradicts various claims of the Book of Mormon. Dalton is now an atheist.

Dalton is married to Mr. Deity co-star Amy Rohren. His daughter, Brindi Dalton, appeared in Mr. Deity and the Really Cheap Meal.

Mr. DeityEdit

Dalton came up with the concept for the Mr. Deity webseries after his reflections on the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Aside from being the actor to portray Mr. Deity, he is the director, writer, cinematographer, and editor.

Other workEdit

Dalton created an independent film, Killing the Dream, which won an award at a film festival. He has plans to create another film, 15 Minutes Later; the themesong he composed for this film ended up being used for the Mr. Deity themesong. His plans are to eventually turn Mr. Deity into a half-hour television show.