This article is about the character. For the webseries, see Mr. Deity webseries.

Mr. Deity, also called El and Elohim, is the main character of the Mr. Deity webseries. He is portrayed by Brian Dalton and is a form of the Judeo-Christian God. Mr. Deity has been in every episode so far.


Null and Void named him El "after Null's favorite uncle." Because they both said "El? Oh, him!" when asked about him, El became known as Elohim. Larry was the first person to call him Mr. Deity, which is what he is usually referred to as. Lucy occasionally calls him El.


In Season Four: The Prequel, it is revealed that Mr. Deity was the child of Null and Void and was named El. He eventually decided to leave the void. In doing so, he became a god. The first being he encountered was Larry.


Mr. Deity is generally well-meaning and good-intentioned, although he can be somewhat callous and indifferent to the suffering of others. Most of the flaws of the universe are due to him being incompetent. Mr. Deity often makes references to popular culture and complains about the budget for running the universe.


Mr. Deity is capable of being all-knowing, although he chooses to keep his omniscience turned off at most times. He is also omnipresent, although he is unable to understand how this is possible.