Mr. Deity and Lucifer
Season One, Episode Five
Air date January 29, 2007
Characters Mr. Deity



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Mr. Deity and Lucifer is the fifth episode of the Mr. Deity webseries.


Larry forwards a call to Mr. Deity from Lucifer, or Lucy. The latter two argue over what each of their mascots should be.


  • "Lucy" is short for "Lucifer", which is another name for the Devil, or Satan.
  • Mr. Deity says, "Lucy? You've got some 'splaining to do!" This comes from the show I Love Lucy.
  • Lucy's phone number is 666-6666. The Number of the Beast is 666 and is commonly associated with the devil (see Revelation 13:18).
  • Lucy quotes Genesis 3:14, saying that it calls her a snake. The Bible actually does not say that the serpent was the Devil, but this section is typically interpreted that way.
  • Christians are often referred to as sheep, and the Devil is sometimes associated with a goat. These is discussed in the episode as "mascots".