Mr. Deity and the Book
Season One, Episode Nine
Air date March 26, 2007
Characters Mr. Deity


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Mr. Deity and the Book is the ninth episode of the Mr. Deity webseries.


Mr. Deity is upset about a billboard that calls the Bible his book. He and Larry decide to make the creator of the billboard suffer.


  • There is a second part to this episode later on: Mr. Deity and the Book, Part Deux.
  • Larry says, "I want to rent my garments and do the whole sackcloth and ashes thing," a reference to Genesis 37:34.
  • Mr. Deity is surprised to learn that the Bible outsells Harry Potter and The DaVinci Code combined, which it does in real life.
  • Mr. Deity is upset that the Book of Mormon says that God punished people by darkening their skin, as in 2 Nephi 5:21. Brian Dalton says that this is one reason why he left the LDS Church.
  • Mr. Deity and Larry decide to punish the billboard-creator by taking away all of his possessions and making him suffer, like they did with Job. This is to make him lose faith, but it didn't work with Job. In the Bible in the Book of Job, God and Satan took away everything from Job as a test of faith. Job still had faith in God.