Mr. Deity and the Evil
Season One, Episode One
The Evil
Air date December 27, 2006
Characters Mr. Deity


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Mr. Deity and the Evil is the first episode of the Mr. Deity webseries.


Shortly after the Creation of the universe, Larry makes a list of the evils that Mr. Deity will allow to exist. Larry is shocked by some of the things that Mr. Deity decides to permit, thinking that this will cause no one to believe in him, but Mr. Deity thinks otherwise.


  • This is the first episode ever made, but it was re-filmed several times later on.
  • Brian Dalton was inspired to make this episode after his reflections on the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Mr. Deity decides to allow tsunamis and other natural disasters in the universe.
  • The List of Evils created in this episode is shown again in Mr. Deity and the Voicemail and is referenced in Mr. Deity and Da Man.
  • This episode deals with the problem of evil, which is the question of how evil can exist in a universe with an omnipotent, omnibenevolent God.
  • In the Bible, God rests on the seventh day of Creation. In this episode, Mr. Deity says that he will rest because he is too depressed to come in to work. In Genesis 2:2, God rests on the seventh day.
  • Larry mentions that he spoke with the head of R&D. Later in the webseries, this character, Timmy, is introduced.