Mr. Deity and the Magic, Part Deux
Season Three, Episode Fourteen
Air date December 23, 2009
Characters Mr. Deity


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Mr. Deity and the Magic, Part Deux is the thirty-fourth episode of the Mr. Deity webseries.


Mr. Deity tries to convince Lucy that Santa Claus exists.


  • This episode is a sequel to Mr. Deity and the Magic.
  • Mr. Deity lists the eight reindeer traditionally associated with Santa, but instead of Blitzen says Blistex, which is a lip care company. He also lists Matthew (an apostle of Jesus Christ), Ringo (a member of the band The Beatles), John and Paul (both apostles and Beatles). Rudolph is also mentioned; he is a character from the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".
  • Mr. Deity says that Rudolph betrayed his lord for thirty pieces of silver. In Matthew 26:15, Judas betrays Jesus for this price.
  • Mr. Deity mentions the NORAD Tracks Santa program, in which NORAD pretends to track Santa's journey on Christmas Eve.
  • Mr. Deity thinks that "Christmas" is actually "X-mas". This is an abbreviation that originates from "Χριστός", the Greek word for "Christ".