Mr. Deity and the Tour de Hell
Season One, Episode Seven
Air date February 20, 2007
Characters Mr. Deity



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Mr. Deity and the Tour de Hell is the seventh episode of the Mr. Deity webseries.


Lucy just finished taking Mr. Deity on a tour of Hell. They realize that a mistake was made in the list of people to be sent to Hell.


  • Lucy says that Hell contains brimstone. Throughout the Bible, references are made to fire and brimstone (sulfur) being used by God to show his wrath.
  • The "Wall of Shame" in Hell contains pictures of Pol Pot (the leader of the Cambodian Communist movement) and Merv Griffin (a television host). Lucy says that Griffin is there for writing the Jeopardy! themesong, a melody that many people find gets stuck in their heads. Mr. Deity said that he had the song stuck in his head from 3 AD till the bubonic plague, a total of about 1,345 years. Later in the episode, he whistles a portion of the song.
  • Lucy hired Nietzche to kill Mr. Deity after they broke up. Friedrich Nietzsche was famous for saying that "God is dead".
  • Some Christians and Muslims believe that Jews and homosexuals will go to Hell. In this episode, this is said to be a mistake; they were on a list of people who were "going to do well" rather than people who were "going to go to Hell".
  • Mr. Deity says that he thought Larry was number two on his speed dial, but that he ends up talking to televangelist Pat Robertson when he presses it. In Mr. Deity and the Wrong Number, Mr. Deity dials two and reaches Pat Robertson.
  • Larry mistakenly referred to homosexuality as an abomination. Homosexuality is called this several times in the Bible, such as Leviticus 18:22.