The Mr. Deity webseries is a humorous webseries created by Brian Dalton. The show portrays the daily life of Mr. Deity, a version of God, while running the universe. There are currently five seasons as well as several spin-offs (Larry/Deity Interviews, Words, and FunBits) and an online newsletter, The Way of the Mister.


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There are currently sixty-two episodes of Mr. Deity from a total of five seasons. Season One came about after Brian Dalton's thoughts on the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. For Season Two, he entered a deal with Sony, which ended by Season Three. Because Season Three was not owned by Sony, it was possible to make a DVD of it. Season Four is a prequel that deals with Mr. Deity's origins before the creation of the universe.


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The main character of the series is Mr. Deity, a form of the Judeo-Christian God portrayed by Brian Dalton, the writer/director. Other characters include Larry, Mr. Deity's assistant; Jesus, the one who will be crucified as part of Mr. Deity's plan; Lucy, the manager of Hell and Mr. Deity's girlfriend; and Timmy, the head of R&D. Various other people have come on as guest stars.